Vintage Vibes in Rochester

A photo of rolls of upholstery fabric and thread in yellow, orange and red.

Two recent articles in the Rochester Democrat & Chronicle support our theory – vintage is the local vibe! Let’s learn more.

We at Green Zipper Upholstery are big fans of reuse. When clients contact us after finding a great old chair at a thrift store, or after treasure hunting in Grandma’s attic, we truly get excited! And then we know we have a fun path of reinvention ahead.

Next, it’s time to really get into it with the client. Let’s pick out a great fabric to start. We will talk with the client about their current decor, what they love, what they don’t love. What are their color schemes? Is this a daily driver piece, or meant to be a focal point attention-getter? Do they have a lot of pattern already, or are do they prefer greige?

We will show you our many fabric sample books, based on colors and type of fabrics. We don’t settle until we see that the client is truly happy with their selection. Often times we will suggest some different things, based on durability and sense of experimentation. Think of the reupholstered piece as a functional work of art! Add color, texture, and patterns.

Vintage home decor is trending here in the Rochester area. Check these out:


That doesn’t mean your furniture needs to look like it belongs in an episode of That 70’s Show, if that isn’t your thing. More importantly, you should love the final product. By saving that vintage piece from the landfill, you can turn it into whatever you heart desires. It should both suit you existing decor, and make it even better.

Green Zipper Upholstery is here to help. To find out more, click here.

Places to look for affordable vintage furniture:

  • Stores such as Habitat For Humanity Restore, Salvation Army, Goodwill and AmVets
  • Local thrift stores – be supportive of family owned businesses within your community!
  • Flea markets
  • Auctions
  • Estate sales
  • Marketplace
  • Just say no to furniture that has been outside in the weather or improperly stored! It may be too damaged to save, have mold, or have creatures living within it.

Happy Hunting!