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How much does it cost to reupholster my wingback chair?

Cost depends on the specific piece of furniture. If you provide us with the information requested in the Estimate Request Form (below), we can provide an estimate. Without that, because of variables like size, brand, condition, we cannot give you any pricing information.

What type of furniture do you reupholster?

All kinds of things! Just ask us. You can take a look at Our Work to see some ideas, but our range of work is not limited to what is shown. At this time, we do not do slipcovers, draperies or bedding.

Do you provide trade discount?

No, we do not.

What are your policies?

Our Terms of Service are provided with your estimate.

I bought some furniture online or from an individual; can it be reupholstered?

It all depends…..on the materials and how it is constructed. The details and photos you provide with the Estimate Request Form will help us determine if it is a good candidate for reupholstering. If so, it is up to you to decide if it is worth the cost to reupholster vs. what you paid for it originally. It can be more expensive to reupholster with quality materials and craftsmanship, than purchase a new but inexpensive piece that you don’t plan to have forever.

Do you just replace the fabric?

No, there is lots more to it.

Reupholstering involves lots of hidden details that transform your furniture into something sturdy that will last a long time! The hidden details can include: stripping the fabric and foam down to the bare frame, new glue and tightening the frame members, minor wood repairs, wood finish touch-ups, replacing/tying springs, adding new support, replacement of foam and padding, modifying the finished shape with carpentry and foam, and adding new design details that were not there before (or taking some away). Then comes the new fabric! And of course, any other things you’d like, such as new legs/feet, or additional pillows.

Not every project requires all these work items. But with our Estimate Request Form, we can provide you with a good idea of what your piece needs and what your budget permits.

There are sometimes unforeseen issues that will not be listed in the estimate because we can’t find the issue until we ‘uncover’ it. We will provide you an updated estimate in this case, and go from there.

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