Our upholstery services help make your life more comfortable

Why Upholstery/Reupholster?

The wooden frame of a chair stripped down in preparation for reupholstery, with tied springs and webbing.
  • So, you already know how a piece fits into your space. And it’s a favorite piece that you already love. Refresh it!
  • Old is often better, especially when it comes to furniture. Older furniture frames were made of solid hardwoods, with intricate ‘supportive’ materials between the frame and fabric, making it a great choice for longevity and integrity.
  • You have a treasured family piece you plan to keep forever, but Auntie’s fabric from 1972 isn’t working for you. Why not renew it with reupholstering? By all means, make it your own!
  • You can reduce your environmental footprint through reuse. These can in fact be thrift store finds, in many cases.


Close up view of luxury fabric with a light blue, brown and beige pattern, to be used for reupholstery.
  • We provide custom upholstery and reupholstering of dining chairs, sofas, ottomans, armchairs, cushions and more.
  • Services might include a basic tuneup of the frame.
  • We can create or recover outdoor soft furnishings, such as chair cushions.
  • Need decorative pillows? We can certainly help with that.
  • Our fabric consultation makes it easy for you to select the right fabric. We sell fabrics sourced from a curated selection of high quality upholstery fabric manufacturers.
  • You will receive friendly, helpful customer service from local folks that are eager to make your vision a reality.

How it works

  • It all begins with an estimate. Click the button below to fill out the Estimate Request Form, and then email us your photos.
  • We will reply once we have completed the estimate, then schedule an appointment to select fabric.
  • We will arrange a drop off time once we are ready to make the magic happen.
  • Our Canandaigua, NY workshop is open by appointment only.


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